Learn From Someone Who Has Done It

At age 17, Larry put an ad in the paper, "Carpentry, no job too small, Call Larry." He began to specialize in one area of home improvement five years later. Marketing, sales and the ability to build a team are key skills he needed to master if he was to run a successful company and grow it. Piece by piece he learned, practiced and honed himself and his business - and it grew. Larry has made mistakes that he learned from logically and emotionally, that he will never forget. As he solved problems, he created systems that any contractor can follow to get extraordinary results.

A Passion For Learning & Growing

In total, Larry employs 390 people at Contractor Nation's nine building 55-acre campus. His local company operates out of the most incredible home improvement contractor facility in the world and puts 51 trucks on the road every day. His companies are well above $100 million in annual sales - all from the thinking about the business in the right way and being the kind of leader necessary. Larry has trained hundreds of contractors to do the same, and the results are stunning. Most of these contractors have grown to be leaders in their services and in their markets. These contractors have reaped multiple benefits - fewer problems, working fewer hours, a better home life, higher sales; better, more engaged and able employees, and of course, a much bigger net profit.

Contractor Nation campus
Larry Janesky in the Forge and Anvil

Contractor, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Teacher, Author

Larry is a teacher, carpenter, builder, building scientist, inventor with 31 patents, award winning author, marketer, sales trainer, influencer, entrepreneur, and Baja 1000 race winner. His daily blog "Think Daily" is read by over 30,000 people each morning. His goal is to improve the world by having a meaningful part in building better businesses; because when businesses do well, customers, employees, owners and their families all win. These days, he spends most of his time on his School of Entrepreneurship, teaching all kinds of home improvement/repair contractors how to be even more successful.