Grow as a Leader

The number one factor determining how successful a contractor will be is leadership. Your business is a mirror reflection of your thinking and your decisions.

It's not about working harder or longer. In fact, it's the opposite.

What the school has really helped me with is to be able to identify what's most important. I'm able to relax and do less in my business while my business still grows.

Bill Alber, HVAC Contractor, NJ

Build Your Business

The Contractor Nation School of Entrepreneurship includes complete, easy to understand and easy to implement programs and processes that your team will use to achieve extraordinary results with your customers. You don't just get training for you - you get training for your whole team. These integrated programs include:

  • Marketing
  • Call Center
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Accounting
  • Recruiting
  • Management
  • and more

Achieve Your Dreams

We've learned what it takes over 35 years of doing it ourselves. We know the traps and the struggles - and we have proven answers. Over the last 27 years, our team has helped over 600 contractors grow as leaders, build their businesses, and achieve their dreams.

The rewards from my business have exceeded what I thought was possible and are still growing.

Klaus Larsen, Roofing Contractor, CT

Program Overview

Easy, Convenient

We deliver simple and effective content directly to you.

Anytime, Anywhere

Watch or listen when and where it works for you.

Real Lessons, Real Results

We love to help contractors and we know how.

What Results?

We'll show you how to build a business that makes a lot more money without you working harder or longer. In fact, you'll work less hours, and feel in control like never before. By getting your business right, you can live an extraordinary life that was unavailable to you otherwise.

I now have the confidence to make the decisions that every business owner faces.

John Cossey, Crawl Space Contractor, AK



By getting your business right, you'll make a handsome profit, which enables many things in your life.


You'll work less hours because you'll be getting your job right, and have a great team to do the work.


Feeling successful and in control, and having more time and money for your family and the rest of your life - you'll be a lot more fulfilled.

Change Your Business. Change Your Life.

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