A University for Home Improvement Contractors

The Contractor Nation School of Entrepreneurship Online program teaches home improvement and home service companies how to be excellent leaders of the businesses they already own.

Content is delivered to your inbox and smart phone 4-5 times per week and only requires about 15 minutes on an average day.

Created over 30 years by acclaimed contractor Larry Janesky and his team, this material has never been made widely available before.

Started as a popular regular live training class in 2015 and attended by over 100 contractors from across North America, this education is now being delivered online.  There is no travel expense, and you can begin anytime - like right now!  Contractors in the program have made dramatic progress - “Fixing their businesses” so they can scale them, solving their big recurring problems, adding millions to their sales, and increasing their bottom lines exponentially.

You will learn how to define your own job as the leader, how to think about your business, how to build a team that does the work and gets great results with your customers, and how to market, sell, manage cash flow, and so much more!  You will not be overloaded with more things to do when you join the School of Entrepreneurship - rather you will be liberated from the overload and frustration you may feel by getting it right.

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This is a university for home improvement business owners.  It is created by a highly successful contractor just like you who has been supporting and training other contractors for 27 years.  Your primary trainer in this course is called a “Millionaire Maker” by other contractors that have learned from him.  This is a multi year course, delivering the ideas you are missing piece by piece 4-5 times a week.  It is “do-able” for you or any home improvement contractor that provides a service to homeowners.  If you need to get the leads, sell the jobs, have your crews get the work done, pay your bills and make a profit - we’ll show you how to do it the right way and be able to grow your well-functioning business.

The School of Entrepreneurship is $1500 a month for participants in the live class, but the online program is only $500 per month.  There is a money back guarantee after 12 months - if you aren’t thrilled with your progress, we’ll refund every penny.  Think about it, we work hard and send our kids to college for $35,000 a year, but most of us have never invested in learning how to run the business we have much better!  Now for a mere $6,000 a year, we can!  And contractors in the program have learned something they will never forget - how to improve their earning ability by being a leader who can get the results he/she is looking for.  The tuition is a tiny price to pay for the exponential results you will get.

For most contractors, they are wasting incredible amounts of money on advertising that doesn’t work, not capturing opportunities, missing sales, hiring the wrong people, low production rates, and doing the wrong “JOB” themselves.  One year looks like the last, with the same problems over and over again.  If that is you, take heart.  You are closer than you think to being much more successful - you just need to learn how.  It’s not about working harder or longer - it’s about doing the right things when you work.  

See what other contractors have to say.  Research Larry Janesky.  This is real, it’s powerful, and it is made specifically for home improvement/repair/service companies by one who has become extremely successful and is doing it every day!

Change your life right now.  Enroll in the Contractor Nation School of Entrepreneurship!  You can do it right now right from this website and start getting high powered content tomorrow!

For more information about the Contractor Nation School of Entrepreneurship, please contact Dave Iannone at 203-463-9317.