Larry Janesky: Contractor, Teacher, Leader


Larry Janesky has lived your life. He’s worked as a contractor and owns his own home service contracting business. He found success; he faced failure, too. He learned what to do, and what not to do. Now, as a teacher and leadership expert, he shares that experience with other contractors so they can learn and grow.  In total, he employs 350 people at Contractor Nation’s 9-building, 55-acre campus. It all started with a newspaper ad in 1982: “Carpentry, call Larry, no job too small.” Larry has taught thousands of contractors how they can combine their own ambition, energy and efforts to become wealthy and happy, showing them how to think and what to do. Never before has such a comprehensive program been available for contractors.

This is not just sales training or marketing training. It’s not just leadership training or a how-to on a narrow part of your business. It’s the whole thing, starting with you. Larry knows that unless the leader is being the right kind of person, with the right beliefs and right thinking, he can try to learn how to do things all he wants, but nothing will change. As soon as he does change, the world opens up and starts to move for him.